FDR CsBr Focused Phosphor Detector

Close-up Photograph of FDR CsBr Focused Phosphor Detector

The speed and dose efficiency with Fujifilm's superior image quality and low cost of ownership. Fujifilm's newest detector technology takes the fast speed of Velocity to a whole new level of image quality. Employing a new thicker crystalline-phosphor layer, this new detector captures more image information and further reduces noise. The crystalline formation of the phosphor layer finely focuses the information captured and significantly increases signal-to-noise response, resulting in images that achieve 2 times higher dose efficiency (DQE), such as amorphous silicon based detectors with a significantly higher pixel resolution (100 microns) along with excellent edge detail and remarkably lower noise.

  • 100 Micron Pixel Resolution (see graphic representation below)
  • 2 x higher DQE, provides better images and lower dose
  • Crystalline structure "guides and focuses" image quality
  • Stationary, non-contact detector assures reliability and long life
  • Consistent Fujifilm image appearance and intelligent processing
  • HD LineScan Technology deliverers "Near Instantaneous" image availability. A 17" x 17" image begins to display in 2 seconds, completes in 7 seconds.

HD LineScan

Graphic Representation of Fujifilm's 100 Micron Pixel Size. Fujifilm Delivers 10 Pixel/mm Spatial Resolution & the Smallest DR Pixel in the Marketplace. 100 Micron Pixel Size is Standard on Both Fujifilm DR Detectors!
(*Compared with Two Common Flat Panel Detector Designs)

Focus phosphor is used in the following products:

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